If you had a job to complete, would you do anything to make sure it was completed? What if that job included driving, jumping, and explosives? That is exactly what was asked of me when I decided to take on this life. Whatever my clients ask for they get. The fun part is how I go about answering those requests. Things may not be how they were before or even standing for that matter. But this world is my playground and it’s time to play.

Features include:

  • Plan and execute the perfect heists with emergent, physics-based gameplay, fully destructible voxel environments, and realistic simulations for debris, fire, water, and more
  • Create your own unique solutions to any challenge with a range of tools, including sledgehammers, blow torches, explosives, and more, plus vehicles like cars, excavators, loaders, plows, and cranes
  • Full story campaign and expansion: Take on 40 missions of escalating stakes in the main campaign, plus even more action in the bonus “Art Vandals” expansion
  • Sandbox mode: Play around with unlimited resources and an abundance of vehicles. Spawn in objects and experiment with your full set of tools. No pressure, just pleasure.
  • Curated mods: Discover new maps, scenarios, mini-games, tools, vehicles, and other creations with a curated collection of the community’s best mods at your fingertips
  • Enhanced for consoles: Experience haptic feedback on PlayStation®5 DualSense controllers and revamped UI for greater ease of use on consoles

Will things go as planned? What will you bring down? What will explode? Find out when Teardown comes to PlayStation 5 in 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…