Back in September 2021, we first heard the news of a new survival horror game that was supposedly based on real events. One where the puzzles, events, and riddles change with each playthrough along with no save points. Do Not Open was supposed to have a PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR2 version and we all know how terrifying it can be when you mix horror with Virtual Reality. Then the following month, we received even more news that the developer signed someone special for the music. Then in January 2022, the news of the physical release with still the hopes that the VR mode would be coming. Do Not Open has since launched for the PS5, and for those wondering when the PlayStation VR version of the game would be coming, there is some good news and bad news.

The bad news is that something opened the door, you know the one, the “do not open” one. And with that door opening, the information that has been kept secret was taken. Where? No one knows for sure, but with the message on the wall “she is coming”, we can only imagine. However, the good news is. Because the door that was opened and with that opening another door…a portal if you will, was opened and this time into the Do Not Open universe. So what does this mean for the players who were hoping for that VR experience?

Well, thanks to the technology that Virtual Reality can bring along with the power of the PS5 and PlayStation VR2, a new story had to be born. A story in the Do Not Open universe is being created, called OVRDARK. The game will take place a few months after the Goreng family’s fatal death in their home in Burkittsville, Maryland. It all begins when a doctor in microbiology and immunology and co-director of a research project with Goreng at Xavier University in New Orleans, goes to Burkittsville due to the absence of communication from his partner and friend. Something weird happens when they arrive, as the house is completely locked and surrounded by an unsettling atmosphere.

We will want to wait until there is more information, but if the Do Not Open universe can produce even more tales to tell in VR, it very well will be something to look forward to. Just think how the eye-tracking or haptics could be used on PlayStation VR2. There is no release date at this time, but with PlayStation VR2 right around the corner, OVRDARK, a Do Not Open Story could be here before we know it in both digital and physical form. So get ready for the doors that say “Do Not Open” as I am sure everyone will be able to sleep through the night.