Developer Creepy Jar just dropped some news that will absolutely have my friends and I jumping back on Green Hell. Besides the cool story and brutal survival mechanics, I really enjoyed crafting and building in the game. Green Hell is easily one of the toughest in the genre to survive. Now we get an even sweeter way to keep ourselves safe. Check out the news below and let us know what you think about the update. You can also check out our review of the game at the bottom. Happy surviving everyone!

  • Whole new mechanic of building constructions on trees – Wooden / Bamboo Tree House Frame, Wooden / Bamboo Tree Platform Frame, and a Footbridge connecting the aforementioned. There is also a new Climbing Rope construction which is necessary for reaching the treetops, 
  • Triangular Floating Frame will let you build your abode on water – up to 3 floors high!
  • New weapon – Heavy Stone Axe, the first two handed axe that you can craft on your own,
  • Introducing Triangular Frame & Triangular Floating Frame, which will allow you to build new shapes on both ground and water,
  • Wooden / Bamboo Doors – now you can let everybody know if you’re waiting for some jungle guests… Or not!
  • New building material options – now you can build Bamboo or Wooden Walls & Platforms,
  • Improved mechanic of placing multiple ghost constructions – now you can place more than one at a time,
  • New Notebook arrangement – now the Notebook is slimmer and more concise – you don’t have to shuffle numerous pages to find the construction and the material you’d like to make it from,
  • Some slight changes in names of constructions to make them more straightforward: Wall, Window Wall, Doorway Wall, Short Wall and Frame,
  • New option of cutting down Big Palms, Logs, Stumps, Branches – now you’ll be able to clear your path in the Amazonia.

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