You might recall that back in October, publisher Konami held a digital event to establish the future of their beloved Silent Hill franchise.

While several titles were revealed, Silent Hill: The Short Message, which was revealed by the Korean ratings board before the digital event in September, was not part of the many reveals.

Now, the Taiwan digital game rating committee has listed Silent Hill: The Short Message on their site with a lone platform: the PS5. Many rumors have claimed SH:TSM is going to be a playable teaser similar to P.T. all those years ago to get fans hyped for the Silent Hill 2 Remake. Or it could be something completely different. Who the hell knows at this point, considering Konami hasn’t ‘officially’ confirmed its existence.

Here’s the official artwork:

What do YOU think SH: TSM is? Are you excited for the future of the Silent Hill franchise moving forward?

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