There is still a lot of buzz and hype for Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset from the overall design to the specs to the controllers (with thumbstick) and when you mix that with the power of the PS5, great things are sure to happen. But it looks like a few developers from the GDC 2022 did get to experience the new headset, even if it was a small one and some good things are coming our way. One developer, Chet Failiszek tweeted the question “You know where the world just feels different when you return?”

But one of the things that will be quite interesting when it comes to PlayStation VR2 is not only the new Sensory Features and the Visual Fidelity but the eye-tracking. Think about when you take aim in your favorite games and how much more precise it could be all based on what is being tracked by your eyes? What about the way you could interact with each other and how those expressions can make for some interesting concepts. But not only that but the social aspect of others watching the game you are playing, but for those to participate in whatever special ways to let everyone be part of the game. We really do have something special to look forward to with upcoming special announcements including the price, accessories, and of course, the games.