Last week’s Days Gone update brought with it the highly requested new game+ mode along with the final free DLC challenge.

Update 1.51 is small but considering the PS4 update history doesn’t always give us the full details, we gathered for you!

Hey everyone! Our team identified some bugs with our latest patch and we decided to put out a hotfix to resolve these issues.
  • A reminder that all the challenges we released are planned to stay unlocked indefinitely.
  • Patch 1.51
  • Progression Blockers
  • Stability improvements have been made to the mission “What’s A Nice Girl” 
  • General Fixes
  • Players who achieved a gold rank in any of the challenges should now retain the gold rank after the challenge ends
  • Overall Horde awareness has been adjusted
  • With all of the free DLC challenges completed we don’t expect too many more updates going forward. Time for Bend Studio to start focusing on Days Gone 2 or maybe, JUST MAYBE.. a new Syphon Filter. A Brah can dream, right?!