That’s right…just when you thought you have mastered all the levels in Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs, there is some awesome news. Now just when you wish there were more levels, it seems the wish has been granted with new 13 never before seen levels have been added. But what type of levels you may be wondering? What could possibly be coming up in the month of Spooktober? Check it out:

  • PlayStation VR players can now play the original 13 Spooky levels called “Maliboo Beach” where you are introduced to Dr. Frankenswine, the newest boss pig in the series.
  • 13 never before released levels, titled “Creepy Climb” that will take knocking out Dr. Frankenswine and his crew of swint to a whole new level of difficulty.
  • Alchemy Bomb – New levels will include Alchemy Bomb that you will need to think a little bit more and use different puzzle solving abilities with longer playtime, lightning, and rain to enhance the spooky mood.

And good news is that right now, you can get the update. So what are you waiting for? Can you master all 78 levels? Find out with Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs on PlayStation VR now.

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In case you missed it…please enjoy…