Determined and excited to head back into the Zone it was a thrill to learn all about the new Mutant Year Zero DLC “Seed of Evil”. Giving the fact the game already won “Indie Game of The Year” according to a writer at The PlayStationBrahs, there definitely were some high hopes involved. Stepping off into the DLC it was refreshing to see a continuation to the story and not just some added eye candy. The story does provide some new types of enemies and even a new stalker but what really matters is the heart of the game, its development of all the mutants.

If you have played Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden then you will be glad to know the DLC is done proper in the continuation of the story. If you haven’t played the game yet then you should probably stop reading NOW! There will be some spoilers. You have been warned. Are you still here? Good then you played the game already and have officially earned your “Indie gamer badge” which I just made up unless someone has already claimed that which in this case you should just ignore what I said. Sorry for the ramble. You can check out my review of the main game here Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Review.

After the events of finding out that the mutants were created in a lab you are now in search of the Elder to find out what his deal is and why he used you as some kind of test tube babies. I am assuming from the stalkers attitude it is mainly to kick his ass. The DLC will allow you to continue with your characters and all the equipment plus all the leveling up you had done. Or, it will give you premade stalkers leveled up and with random equipment. Unfortunately for me my save game data wasn’t transferred over from my previous PS4 so I had to go with the premade version. It turned out it didn’t really matter. I started off with Dux, Bormin and Selma and had no problem fighting my way around the zone.

There are mysterious things afoot in the zone and with the Elder gone things appear to be upside down when it comes to the decision making. Pripp is now handling those duties and he isn’t really up for the task. This does however provide a new feature that was a great idea. While out in the zone Pripp will call you and let you know specific locations where Ghouls are currently occupying. You can leave at any time and go clear that area and pick up scrap that you might need.

While venturing out you will also come across new gear and opened locations. Not all of these new locations need to be cleared in order to finish the DLC so make sure if you want to discover everything that you do some side tracking. Not only do you get to see some of the new locations but you also get to experience more of the game. (Bonus if you love the game) I did notice a few issues with the performance of the DLC and that would be my only major gripe. Each stalker gets new or improved mutation and some of them didn’t work properly at times. For example I was trying to use an upgraded mutation and it did nothing as it just moved on to the next turn. That was a little disappointing but luckily it wasn’t something that happened often.

One of the major additions to the game would come in the form of a new stalker Big Kahn. The new character is a nice addition to the team and does have some decent mutations. While he doesn’t really add much to the story he does add to the overall testosterone level of the group. The stalkers are hardened characters and it shows in a lot of the dialogue. The developers didn’t tone this down at all with Big Kahn. Once we picked him up in our travels I used him until I finished the game. I was happy to see another stalker added but I didn’t feel he stood out from any of the rest. Perhaps it is just me being picky but he didn’t add much value to the DLC. Learning about him was great though and getting more to the story was such a treat.


Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil DLC is a great continuation to the story and properly done with new locations, mutations, stalker and equipment. If you really enjoyed the main game then you will be very happy about what the developers added. The new locations are gorgeous to look at the new enemies are just as difficult. With plenty of playtime here I can say the game is truly one of the best Indie games I have played. The DLC doesn’t disappoint in its continuation but does have a few minor performance issues. This is something that can be fixed with a patch. Either way I highly recommend picking up the DLC just to find out what has been happening since the last time we saw our mutant stalkers. This game really is phenomenal as a whole.

The DLC would have been the same rating as core game if not for the minor performance issues.

Rating: 9/10

A copy of the DLC was provided for review on the PS4.

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