Say what you want about Kojima’s Death Stranding. That we haven’t seen enough of it, that what we have seen makes no sense, or that it’s a futuristic FedEx simulator, BUT his fellow colleagues in the Entertainment industry have been blown away by what they’ve seen.

From multiple devs at Guerrilla Games being amazed by what they witnessed to Jordan Vogt-Roberts being amazed by it, Death Stranding is impressing the hell out of people.

Add another victim to the list, as Julian Gerighty, Creative Director for The Division 2 visited Kojima Productions and couldn’t believe what he saw.

So my question is this: when will WE get the chance to be super-duper impressed like all of these Devs and Directors have?!? Throw us some more bones, Kojima-San! WE ARE READY FOR MORE nude NORMAN REEDUS!

Death Stranding will release on the PS4. Eventually.