We learned in Detroit: Become Human that Androids can cry synthetic tears, but for fans of Quantic Dream’s latest Interactive story, some of you might shed real tears, as it has been confirmed that any Photo Mode plans for D:BH have been cancelled.

Guillaume de Fondaumière, the Co-CEO of Quantic Dream responded to a fan back in June that his team at QD were working on a possible Photo Mode, saying that it would not be easy and would talk time.

Nothing has been heard since regarding it — until now. David Cage, Writer and Director of the game confirmed on Twitter that it has canceled due to console limitations.

While the addition of PM would’ve been a welcomed addition, if you played the game then you know why it was nixed. Beautiful game, with tons of content and photorealistic graphics and cutscenes? I’m sure my PS4 Pro’s fan is already huffing and puffing thinking about it.

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