The graphical leap from the PS2 to PS3 was astonishing when you think about how beautiful (at the time!) the original Uncharted game was in ‘HD’.

I’ll never forget how amazed I was by the lush jungles and environments that Nate explored. All of those advancements came with a price, though. Game date install and patches. Especially Day One patches that would be mandatory to enjoy the game the way the developer’s visioned it to be.

While most games do require a D1P, the upcoming mega-RPG, Final Fantasy XVI, currently does not have one and the team is working hard to ensure that it doesn’t.

Straight from the source at Game Informer:

The first is that the team is confident in its final build of Final Fantasy XVI. The second is that he and producer Naoki Yoshida (and the rest of the CBUIII team) believe the game should be ready to go at launch, recognizing that not everyone has access to the internet needed to download a day one patch in light of Final Fantasy XVI’s global simultaneous release. So as of right now, we won’t be downloading a big patch on June 22 when the game hits PlayStation 5. 

However, Takai notes that CBUIII is testing the game daily and searching for bugs, and things could change as a result, but right now, like in the days of old Final Fantasy, this entry should work entirely as expected out of the box.

This is awesome news for all of us who have crappy internet service or no access to it at all. While I’m sure there will be inevitable patches, it’s nice knowing that the game could be played offline, as is, without having to have the D1P to fix any issues the team couldn’t rectify before lunch.

Final Fantasy XVI launches exclusively on the PS5 come June 22nd, Brah!

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