When we first heard about desperate times calls for desperate measures back in July of 2022, we knew we were in for something that would take us to the fight and bring out the weapons in order to protect the city. We would have to encounter combat puzzles and try to aim for those leaderboards all to become the central actor in an assassin’s criminal story. Desperate Vladivostok hit PlayStation VR and is on the way to PlayStation VR2. But it looks like there is still something to add to all the physical collectors out there as Desperate: Vladivostok is going to have a physical release for PlayStation VR.

Features include:

  • Reactive gameplay experience – hit, shoot, and dodge in over 50 hand-crafted scenes of a furious combat puzzle
  • Take the lead on the global leaderboards fighting across multiple arenas to dynamic music and fend off endless waves of enemies
  • Become the central actor in an assassin’s criminal story during the setting of post-Soviet cyberpunk due to well-developed dialogue and comics

Are you ready for the bullet hell? Can you top the leaderboards? Can you handle the adrenaline? Find out when the physical edition of Desperate: Vladivostok releases for PlayStation VR on August 25, 2023, at a retailer near you.

Until then…please enjoy…