The one thing we hoped that we would never have to face, has started. The Pillar of Darkness is being reopened for the invasion. We don’t know why, but if I am to seal the gates, I cannot do this alone. I am going to need a friend and that friend has to be someone who I know can help and someone I know who is not afraid of asking for help themselves. I need Spirit in order to allow the unthinkable from coming true. We have no time to waste. I know Spirit and his companion, Kippo, will be able to help prevent the Darkness from taking over.

Features include:

  • A fascinating narrative and exciting tale that players of all ages
  • Single Player and Local Co-Op
  • Explore the diverse set of compelling levels and discover the story by overcoming casual yet demanding puzzles as a single player, or as an asymmetric cooperative with your mate
  • Locate and retrieve the lost Seeker Eggs and collect the concealed cards from each level while engaging in the exciting, puzzling, and family-friendly scenery that sends you on an immersive adventure

Can you solve all the puzzles? Can you collect all the cards? Will the gates be sealed? Find out with Seeker: My Shadow out now for PlayStation VR2.\