No matter how many times I tried, the path was the wrong one. We were forced to live underground that we named The Hold. But in order to make it, we have to scavenge for survival. But that run I made, that path I chose did not end well for me. But when I awoke in the fog and there he was, the one that wanted to make the deal…the one I call The Stranger. It was a deal that seemed right and to help with the shelter. It was a deal I couldn’t pass up…a deal that very well could have been made with the devil.

Features include:

  • EXPLORE THE FOGLANDS – Play as a Runner, heroes of a sparse community living underground. Adventure from the wrecks of long-dead technology to the undiscovered depths where you’ll run, jump, sneak, and fight your way through the fog.
  • ROWDY BAR-FIGHT ACTION – In a mysterious, fog-infested world, dangerous forces lurk in the shadows. Punch, throw, shoot, and smash through each run as you go toe-to-toe with strange, malevolent monsters and vicious, roving factions.
  • A MYSTERIOUS TALE – A great creature reawakens in the Fog. With the survival of humanity in peril, you must strike a deal with a mysterious stranger in this sci-fi-western-horror story. Follow the network of tunnels to learn the long-buried truth and remember, sometimes the best way to move forward… is to look back.
  • SCAVENGE AND GROW – Scavenge precious items, unearth hidden secrets, and collect powerful abilities that can mean the difference between victory and death.
  • VR Dungeon Crawler Shooter
  • Action-Roguelike Gameplay
  • Adventure and Explore an Atmospheric World.
  • Story-rich with Character-Driven Narratives.

What will you explore? What will you face? What deal will be made? Find out when The Foglands comes to PlayStation VR2 in 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…