The adventures of a Fisherman are always something that will intrigue even the most curious of minds. There is just something so special about the way he tells it that makes me want to go on those pirate adventures, find those sunken ships, and visit those locations. But sometimes when the tales are told, I can’t help but let my imagination soar. That story he would tell of his greatest adventure of the fabled Isle of Libertalia and what he called the land of Truth Freedom. The ocean had everything including mermaids, an Octopus, and even treasure. Yes, my father tells the greatest of tales, and like he always says to me, Nina, stop me if you have heard this one before. This adventure is going to be the best one yet.

Features include:

  • Poetic Story: Search for the truth about Bob’s past by unraveling Nina’s childhood and following Bob’s past.
  • Mindbending VR-Puzzle mechanics: Your own body is the primary puzzle to be solved; creating unconventional gameplay based on dismantling and reinventing of your own self.
  • From the makers of A Fisherman’s Tale: An all-new colorful and mind-bending adventure by Innerspace.
  • More locations: Explore various immersive models, located in the basement of Nina’s mother’s house.
  • DETACH limbs and hands from your body and physically control them remotely. Throw Bob’s hand across a ravine and then make it crawl to retrieve an object, or send your head elsewhere for a different view of things.
  • REPLACE any of your limbs with a variety of objects to unlock new skills. Pirate hook hands allow you to climb up walls, a crab’s claw can cut through a rope in a pinch, and a fish’s tail will improve your swimming ability.
  • CONTROL your environment with your puppeteering hands, picking up distant objects, items, and tools and interacting with each level’s unique layout.

Where will you explore? What will you replace your limbs with? Are you ready for the tale to be told? Find out when Another Fisherman’s Tale comes to PlayStation VR2.

Until then…please enjoy…