I could tell that the people of these towns needed some help, some guidance to make sure their daily lives could be the most productive of them all. From the structures to the everyday tasks so that everyone has a purpose and there is a purpose for everyone. It may look like an easy task helping the fishermen fish, the food is cooked for the feast, and gardening that has to be done. But like everything that seems to be going right, jealousy across the lands will soon follow. It will be my job to help recruit the warriors for protection. Regardless, if we all work together, our town can be a safe and productive one.

Features include:

  • Story: A fully-voiced campaign and story arching over 13 islands
  • Simulation: Assign jobs and tasks to your villagers to build your supply chains and economy
  • Town-planning: Unlock more than 20 unique buildings and place them freely within your village to optimize transport routes. Apply upgrades to make them better
  • Upgrades: Conduct research for further upgrades of your buildings
  • Trading: Build a harbor to have a trader’s ship and begin treasuring up riches
  • Experience: Brush over trees, form clouds into dangerous thunderstorms, go fishing with your bare hands, and talk to your townies
  • Interaction: Simply carry workers or resources directly to their destination to speed up the construction of buildings and production
  • Fight: Recruit brave soldiers, build catapults, bows, and crossbows to protect your island from the Black Knights raiding henchmen
  • Tutorial: Your personal advisor Sir Clunk-a-lot will accompany you on your virtual tour of the medieval age with useful tips
  • Sandbox Mode: Get creative and try out the game conditions you set in free play. Decide for yourself which tasks you want to complete and enjoy full freedom
  • Sound: Medieval music, adorable sound effects, and a classy English voiceover ensure a fitting atmosphere
  • Haptic feedback for the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller lets you feel the environment, weather, pets, the ocean, and more firsthand
  • Dive in (literally) head first and experience earthquakes with haptic feedback for the PlayStation VR2 headset
  • Finger touch detection allows you to push around your Townies with unmatched precision
  • Feel what you’re holding in your hands with Adaptive Triggers

What will you build? What will you help with? Who will you recruit? Find out when Townsmen VR comes to PlayStation VR2 on February 22, 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…