Back in October 2022, we learned that Dracula is looking for love and have his heart captured by that special someone. A true tale of love, relationships, dialogue, and some monster drama. But at the time we didn’t have a release date. We didn’t know when the road to a victorious rampage would happen. Well, it looks like we have that and a little bite more.

Features include:

  • FALL IN LOVE WITH A MONSTER: Discover the “human” inside each monster as you romance, befriend, or eliminate a cast of 12 fully-voiced supernatural contestants! Take your relationships to the next level and progresses your own strength, abilities, and more
  • WATCH YOUR “SHOWMANCE” UNFOLD: It’s not a reality show until there’s some drama! Make-up or break-up – we don’t judge! With a robust story full of dialogue and narrative options, as well as the ability to choose your body type and voice, become the ultimate decision-maker in YOUR story 
  • EXPLORE… TRANSYLVANIA? From the voluptuous Smashmounds to the back alleys of Booty Bay, and everything in between, discover an unpredictable, interconnected world filled with monsters to recruit, hidden date spots, and outlandish baddies and boss encounters
  • SATISFY YOUR (BLOOD)LUST: As the former glorious Drac, stripped of their old powers, it’s up to you to become your best bloodthirsty self. Vanquish goons with iconic weapons, elementals, bats, and even Medusa’s “Headouken!” on the road to your victorious rampage in this side-scrolling platformer

Who will you pick? What about the breakups? Can you find love at first bite? Find out when Romancelvania comes to PS5 on the PlayStation Store on March 7, 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…