We see you sitting there and moving your leg with this anticipation of Runnin’ Wild. Every time you look into the Mirror Mirror, your hands start moving around like Black Betty is so rocksteady. You take that Drink to help calm your nerves as You Wanna Do It Too and say that name of Ruski Bruski as you think about the Pleiades. No, your name is not John Verity, but you are very aware of the Kneon Knightmare as you grab your sticks, sit at the drums, and start drumming away to I Love Rock ‘n Roll that would even put a smile on the faces of Dave Grohl and Tommy Lee.

Features include:

  • Brutal Graphics – Immersive and punk graphics, enter a hellish world
  • Original Soundtrack – Original Rock Music. Different styles of Rock, a great tribute
  • Play with Drums – Arcade Drums. No sheet music, no floating drums. A new concept of musical game
  • Customization – Unlockable cosmetics and songs, get them in Campaign and Challenge mode
  • Play in a Chair – Intuitive gameplay for everyone. No dizziness. Play in a chair
  • Vibration modes
  • Rock N Roll – Feel rock n roll at advanced levels, perform drumstick flourishes, and master the drums
  • Campaign – Beat the campaign to unlock new worlds and take on colossal demons with unique mechanics
  • Arcade – ARCADE feeling. Haptic, visual, and audible feedback on every drum beat
  • Headset vibration
  • Eye Tracking
  • World Ranking

Are you ready to feel the music? Are you ready to be on top of the world? Are you ready to rock? Find out when Drums Rock comes to PlayStation VR2 on February 22, 2023

Until then…please enjoy…