Hallow Town used to have the fear, the scares, and the shock that Halloween is known for. That is until the Halloween spirit went missing. Something is telling me that where ever missing spirit is, it won’t be an easy task as there are monsters out there that those that live in town are even afraid of. But I will fight my through in order to rescue the Halloween spirit and save Hallow Town.

Features include:

  • A huge world to discover with lots of rooms
  • Hordes of enemies
  • Different weapon styles
  • Valuable hidden treasures to unlock new terrifying weapons and spooky skills

What weapons will you unlock? What skills will you master? Can you find the Halloween spirit? Find out when Death or Treat comes PlayStation digitally as well as a special physical box release thanks to the partnership with Perp Games and Saona Studios in the Spring of 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…