Back in 2021, we first heard about a game that allowed us to battle beasts, brave the elements, and try to survive in a world outside of time. The ability to craft the weapons to make the clothes that you would wear added an element to the game that set a new bar when it came to survival. But it’s that journey that has allowed us to be able to rekindle the love in new and exciting ways on the PlayStation VR2 such as using eye-tracking to where you are going to jump to feel the waterfalls on your head. Everything that was once new, will be new again when you step into this world that will be waiting for you.

Features include:

  • Hunting – String bows to hunt your own prey, tracking their footprints and scents on the wind. Then hide among the ferns and bushes to line up the perfect shot, aiming naturally with your controllers before letting your handcrafted arrow fly. The player often takes the role of the hunted as well, requiring deft avoidance—or harrowing combat—to stay alive
  • Foraging – Find food, water, and the raw materials needed to build shelter and fire, as well as craft weapons and other items that are essential for survival
  • Exploring -The wide-open world of Song in the Smoke begs exploration, and moving through it requires curiosity and wit to unravel nature’s many mysteries. The song leads players forward, guiding them through this strange world and revealing a little more about the secret at its heart with each new discovery
  • Maximizing Resources – If you make the kill, make sure nothing is wasted. Stock up on meat, bones, and skins that you can use to keep yourself warm as you move through the world of Song in the Smoke, traveling from lush forests, through ancient valleys, to frozen glaciers. A deep crafting design allows players to build weapons, tools, shelter, and fire from the raw materials nature provides
  • Free Jump Navigation Mode – Allows players to seamlessly move through the environment, an eye-tracked clambering system that allows the player’s gaze to control where they climb
  • Jake Mode Difficulty Mode – Designed to provide the ultimate survival experience for advanced players
  • Next-Generation Haptic Feedback – Feeling the action when they pull back a bow, move through foliage, or even put their head under a waterfall
  • Running at 90 frames per second, and takes advantage of eye-tracked foveated rendering to concentrate visual detail wherever the player is looking
  • Free upgrade to the PlayStation VR2 version if you already own the PlayStation VR version

Are you ready to discover the secrets? What will you craft? Will you be able to survive? Find out when Song in the Smoke Rekindled comes to PlayStation VR2 digitally on February 22, 2023, on the PlayStation Store and physically with the partnership of 17-Bit and Perp Games in 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…