Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where 4 survivors fight off an army of demons, and is an incredible love letter to the franchise, having characters from all 4 movies and the tv show.

And they are Adding a new game mode. Splatter Royale!

Details aren’t fully announced, but it is a new game mode with up to 40 players, and seems to be a battle royale mode where everyone is possessed, and the last demon standing wins.

The teaser image also shows the new survivor Ruby (who was announced a couple days ago as a new leader class survivor) and a new skin for Old ash (the Hawaiian shirt outfit he wore in Jacksonville).

This all is coming February 2nd, and looks to be an exciting new addition. A quick and fast game mode to offset the longer matches of Demon Vs Survivor. Alongside new skins and at least one survivor, there’s never been a better time to try the game. 

Not to mention that a lot of sources say that the game may be coming to PS+ next month.

(A full review of the game will be coming in the next week)

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