There comes a time when what is real in reality starts to merge with what is not real. When we dream, our sub-conscience can be free from the captivity that it knows. But what if within those dreams, the darkest thoughts, would not exist? If those dreams were able to be linked to a place, would you go? The place is real and it is called Astrum Close. But when Professor Albert Rumford, the founder of the city and who built this place, to be the safest anyone could have hoped for, was murdered, everyone has been trying to figure out how and why this could have happened. But in order to solve this case, we need someone who can manipulate the past to find the clues to answer the questions that Astrum Close deserves to be answered. That someone is me. My name is Hal Scion, and with the help of my sidekick, we will get this case solved, we must.

Features include:

  • Manipulate the past – protect the future of the city with your unique ability, “Changing the past”
  • Access the Augmented Dreaming Network to enter into the shared dream world of the citizens
  • Face the Guardian AI and bring them the final proof to protect the city
  • High-risk mission where you will need to hide, run, and sneak to escape
  • Face many mysteries where you will use your five senses and more to reveal the truth
  • Your loyal sidekick will assist you when you need help the most
  • Episodic adventure

Will you be able to escape the dangers? Who is responsible for the crime? Can you find the answers to the questions? Find out when DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate Episode 1 comes to PlayStation VR2 and from the Perp Game Store on February 22, 2023

Until then…please enjoy…