You would think that after the Jurassic Park incident and even what happened on the island of Isla Nublar we would have learned. But they needed someone to go in, get the materials from the abandoned research facility, and get out. That crash landing was not for the weak and those noises I hear, they are communicating with each other. They see me and if I move too quickly, it’s all over. I can’t hide forever. I have to be smarter…I have to complete this mission.

Features include:

  • Explore the research facility.
  • Solve Puzzles.
  • Find new ways to outsmart the Velociraptors.
  • Cell-shaded Visuals.
  • Fully immersive VR
  • The full Jurassic World Aftermath experience

Are you ready to become the hunted? Can you survive what is waiting for you? Are you ready for the aftermath? Find out when the Jurassic World Aftermath Collection comes to PlayStation VR2.

Until then…please enjoy…