For those of us who can’t get enough Persona in their life, then get ready because Atlus is going to give you all that you can handle.

That’s right! A 4th version of P3 has been rumored for a while, but the rumor has caught wind once again to ResetEra insider lolilolailo.

If you remember correctly, they also leaked that the Persona series would be coming to Game Pass. In the past, they also mentioned that Persona 3 would get a remake. Now they’ve reconfirmed that a Persona 3 Remake is indeed happening still.

Don’t forget that Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden both hit the PS4 come January 19th, so that will give you plenty of Persona action until this rumored Persona 3 Remake is officially revealed!

The question to really ask is..why? You would think that with FES and Portable, P3 fans would be happy. But with the way the series has exploded with popularity since the PS4 generation, Atlus certainly has the opportunity to cash in.

lolilolailo explained in a reply regarding Atlus’s decision in making this remake:

Because P3P is a cheap port of a PSP game, same as P4G. It’s easy money and you can bring the “whole” saga (because, let’s be honest, P1 and P2 don’t exist) to the new consoles.

P3R is like Persona 5, both graphically and QoL stuff related. And the content (or the lack of it) might not leave all the fans happy, so they still have P3P.

Also it’s Atlus.

This Remake can also introduce P3 to a whole new audience because, let’s face it, some people will refuse to play if the graphics aren’t shiney and new, which is sad, but it is what it is.

Are you excited about this rumored Persona 3 Remake? Or is Atlus taking advantage of their fanebase? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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