All we wanted was a chance, to leave the urban life we knew, and settle near the French coast we have so dreamt about. But what I was not expecting is what could be along for the journey. My fiance is or I mean was here, but now, alone, the darkness is trying to comfort me in a very unsettling way. These mysteries that surround the region of Saint-Exil have been said to be that of a cult. But to get out of this loop and time, I will need to unravel the mysteries and that lighthouse.

Features include:

  • Explore the area of Saint-Exil and its surroundings in the 1990s
  • Enjoy a completely revised version of the camera system that accompanied legendary game franchises of the 90s, aimed at providing greater flexibility and player agency
  • Switch between 2 camera angles in any situation or drop into a first-person view to have a closer look around
  • Interact with the environment to learn more about what has happened to you in Saint-Exil
  • Your investigation will be rhythmically punctuated by cinematic sequences, with motion entirely captured from handheld cameras
  • Enjoy a thriller atmosphere in your adventure to the fullest extent
  • Keep an eye on the time with your watch; it is imperative that you get home before nightfall
  • Manage your inventory capacity and ensure that you carry about what you need to make progress
  • A variety of additional interactive elements, such as a vintage arcade machine, is available in your main and secondary quests
  • Change the weather of Saint-Exil to forge new paths or solve the puzzles blocking your way
  • You will discover tapes from which you can draw clues to help you in your investigation
  • Use the tape player to fast-forward or rewind the tapes and home in on the information you seek
  • Listen to your tapes while exploring the village of Saint-Exil and enjoy a seamless experience of discovery
  • Discover the music composed by Pierre for Élise that will accompany you in your adventure
  • Face challenging enemies with a unique combat system using fixed camera angles
  • Dodge your enemies or hold them at a distance using your powers to better defeat them
  • Restore your health by grabbing a drink in the fridge, catching a nap on a bench, or spending a night in the safety of your bed
  • Craft high-quality ammo and upgrade your gun to increase your fighting abilities

Will you be able to face the enemies? What will be on those tapes? How will you interact with the environment? Find out when the physical edition of Broken Pieces comes to PS4 and PS5 to a retailer near you and on the Perp Games Store in early 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…