The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, released throughout 2021/early 2022 on mobile devices and Steam, are most likely the best versions of various Final Fantasy that we will be able to enjoy for quite some time moving forward.

What are the Pixel Remasters? The first six FF games were ‘remastered’ with updated pixels, music, and QoL updates to appeal to modern gamers and to offer the ‘best’ 2D versions of these classics to date.

The only problem thus far has been their availability. Not everyone games on PC and some people have no interest in gaming on mobile devices, no matter how well some of them perform these days.

If you’ve been holding out for console versions, then your patience is about to pay off. Earlier today a Reddit user noticed that the ESRB has updated the listings for the Pixel Remasters to include both Nintendo Switch and PS4. Here are a couple of examples:

Of course, since news of these listings began to spread, the ESRB quickly removed them. That is what happens when you spoil one of Square Enix’s big announcements during the upcoming 35th celebration of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Are you excited about the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters coming to consoles?

SO what does this mean exactly? Well, you’ll soon be able to play 13 out of the 15 mainline FF games on the PS4/PS5. Final Fantasy XI isn’t an issue but the fact that you can’t even access FFXIII or any of the sequels on either console is a shame. A collection of said three games would be a great surprise during the upcoming anniversary though!

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