Say what you will, I know what I heard…I know what I saw. My name is Ryan Baker and they are out there. Sure the government wants us to believe the things in the sky are nothing more than weather balloons, but there is no way a weather balloon is going move like that. The town of Greyhill for some reason is welcoming for them…those grey-looking aliens. I am not sure why they came, but it is not for peace. If you are reading this and still here, do yourself a favor…run…hide…defend who you can. This invasion comes at a price and you may not want to get caught as you may not like the price of admission.

Features include:

  • Experience a classic alien invasion story
  • Investigate and uncover the truth
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Beat them if you can, survive if they let you

Are you ready for the fight? What will you discover? Can you put an end to the invasion? Find out when Greyhill Incident comes to PS5 and the Perp Game Store in early 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…