Guess what time it is, my fellow PlayStation Brahs? PLAYSTATION BRAHCAST, BAY-BAY!!

Episode 25 of the PlayStation BRAHcast, the official podcast of, is all about James P. discussing the plethora of games he has reviewed the past few months. These are those games:

Nobody Saves the World

Metal: Hellsinger

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed


Bright Memory: Infinite

While you can read all of the above reviews in our reviews section, you can now listen to them while driving to work. Eyes on the road, Brah.

Episode 26? Brah. We’re coming off of Thanksgiving/Black Friday. So you KNOW we are discussing all that greatness.

As the days count down to Christmas, they’re also slowly getting closer to the launch of the PlayStation VR2 headset and games. Will Sony be able to surpass the success of the original headset? 2023 will be a telling year for the future of the PSVR2 its success or failure could impact the VR industry as a whole.

Look forward to two more episodes of the BRAHcast coming soon, including an indie game spotlight and a reactioncast to The Game Awards 2022 show! As always, Game On, Brah!

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