When we heard the news that the paranormal first-person narrative-driven game about a family, loss, and dark secrets was receiving a physical edition, there was still more to tell including a release date, but all we knew was the adventure was set to launch towards the end of 2022. If you are not aware, the setting will be in a post-soviet Eastern Europe time and tells the tale of a troubled man returning to his childhood home after his mother’s death. But when the world he knows starts to fall apart, the reality of it all will soon follow as he learns more about his family’s disturbing past. But now, it looks like we do have an official date and it’s soon.

Features include:

  • Bone-chilling setup inspired by Eastern European communism
  • An enthralling story about death, suffering, spirituality, and politics
  • Optional places to explore and uncover more disturbing facts about your family
  • Dread and gore combined with eerie beautiful environments
  • Disturbing plot with unexpected twists

Will you find the hope to survive? Who will you question? Will you find out the truth? Find out when the Last Days of Lazarus comes to PlayStation 5 the PlayStation Store on November 29th, 2022, and also coming as a physical edition that will be available on the Perp Game Store on December 2, 2022.

Until then…please enjoy…