Back in 2020, we heard about RU77 and the dynamic VR arena shooter that is filled with violence, brutality, and stimulants sent in various arenas in a post-Soviet cyberpunk setting. Well, it looks like a change has been made along with some look at some of the enemies and other parts of the game to look forward to. The premise sounds simple, the city of M is part of the territory of the Federation. The country is still reeling from a war it started. You play as a cyberpsycho, whose program has crashed due to a “Taras-Kulish” fatal error that encourages you to kill as it’s time to clear the streets of dirt. Let’s take a look at some of the enemies, locations, and action scenes that you will come across…



Action Scenes:

Do you think you will be able to beat the unstoppable? What weapon will be your new BFF? Will you be able to clear the streets? Find out when RU77…no, that’s not right. Find out when Federation 77 comes to PlayStation VR in the future.

Until then…please enjoy…