Ever since Demeo was announced and released last year, players were introduced to The Black Sarcophagus have had a taste for the Roots of Evil, entered the Realm of the Rat King, and even come across the Curse of the Serpent Lord. Through these times of picking the role from Sigrun the champion of the Royal Guard to Kai the Enigma, game night has never been so much fun as both VR and non-VR players have been rolling the die and taking names with their journeys. But there has been one area, one place that has been missing, and that I have always felt that Demeo would be perfect on and would be PlayStation VR2. Well, during the latest PlayStation’s State of Play, we finally received the answer of not only if, but it now looks like we have a time…of sorts.

Demeo allows cross-platform players that take multiplayer and add the strategy of miniatures and monsters as you can pick from one of six possible classes with each one having their own unique set of offensive, defensive, and supporting abilities. Each player will need to work together and explore dungeons and other fantasy lands as they quest for treasures and glory.

But with the power of the PSVR2, Demeo will have some interesting experiences with the haptic feedback, eye-tracking, and along with something special. But it is looking like 2023 is going to be a great year for gaming and cannot wait to see what new adventures Demeo has in store when it comes to PlayStation VR2.

Until then…please enjoy…