Ever since Cozy Grove was announced to be coming out in 2021, there have been some updates. First, there was the Autumn update that gave a new photography quest to capture the moments on the island to adoptable housepets, the updates have been coming with the Summer Update, Autumn Update, and Winter Update. But the newest update wants you to meet the new neighbors and it looks like an emotional ride as you will be amused, delighted, and heartbroken. With the addition of four new ghost bears with their own lengthy personal stories and no long waits between their requests, you can bring peace to Cozy Grove’s original bears to unlock these special visitors from afar.

Features include:

  • Four new bears with full storylines
  • New outfits that match the new bears
  • An exclusive rainbow cat
  • A peaceful new background music track
  • A new critter to catch, butterflies
  • Fifty extra closet storage spots

Also, this new DLC adds new outfits to match your new friends…

So are you ready for the stories? Are you ready for the adventures? Are you ready to meet the new neighbors? Find out with the Cozy Grove New Neighbors DLC out now on PlayStation.

Until then…please enjoy…