When we first heard about Moss: Book II back in July of 2021, there was something to get excited about. Something about meeting back up with Quill for another adventure that had many of us with a smile on our faces. What we knew at that time was that it would be a new adventure, new enemies to face, and new puzzles to solve. Then in December of 2021, we heard the news that in the Spring of 2022, is when the adventure would be set. But now, it looks like we have even more information regarding Quil including a new weapon, enemies, gameplay, and a special bonus. In a video with PlayStation Underground, developer Polyarc Games sat down with PlayStation to give a closer look into the adventures.

The new weapon is a hammer, which by the looks of it, looks to give Quill some much-needed assistance. Even when Quill is swinging the hammer, it looks like it will take some force to use it. But even though small, Quill has the heart to meet any task. But it looks like some of the things that are new to this adventure are going to be even more interactions with the world such as manipulating objects to get around. Also, it looks like strategy may also be playing a little more of a part in the game. This will come in handy when you come across some of the newer enemies such as the Bomber that can launch self-destructible mines as you try to find the right spot to defeat it.

But that’s not all, right now you can get a new limited edition screen-printed poster from artist Kyle Sauter from Amazon to help commemorate the release of Moss: Book II when it comes to PlayStation VR on March 31, 2022.

Until then…please enjoy…