Playing The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners from developer Skydance Interactive brought the choices, the immersion, and the horror that we all loved to be a part of. But I have always wondered how many stories could be told in this universe, how many different characters one could meet at any time, and how even new choices that were presented could make the outcome of the story even more worthwhile. Well, it looks like for the 2nd anniversary, there will be some retribution to be had with the next chapter.

What we know so far is that chapter 2 will be a stand-alone game and will continue playing the protagonist of the Tourist’s story. There is not a release date, pics, or even a trailer. All we have is the official tweet, but seeing as we just passed the first anniversary has passed and the first game was for the Oculus Platform (Quest/2 and Rift/S), PCVR, and PSVR, there should be more exciting news to come.