Alright! Here we go, Brah! Even more rumors about rumors! 2022 is off to a wonderful, yet mysterious, start!

The rumored revival of the Twisted Metal series is one of those ‘open secrets’ that everyone speculated once Sony announced that PlayStation Productions is working on a live-action series based on one of the oldest PlayStation franchises around.

The original was that Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games have been working on the project until recently another rumor hit that the game has been handed over to one of the European PlayStation Studios team.

Now the has it that Firesprite is the main developer. This speculation started when someone over at ResetEra Matt Southern, Game Director at Lucid Games and once worked at Evolution Studios, is now a Game Director over at Firesprite.

As VGC pointed out, Lucid games and Firesprite studios are only about 15 minutes apart. What If Firesprite took control of the project once Sony acquired them so that a PlayStation Studio would have the final say-so during development and Lucid is still helping co-develop the game?

Who knows! We’re talking about rumors of rumors now, truly to speculate on a game that we have no proof of existing at the moment. However, if it’s to release in 2023 alongside the show, I’m sure at some point in 2022 we should see something about it.

What do you hope to see out of the next Twisted Metal game?

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