As that famous Rapper once said it practically all his songs, “Boom. Another one.”, as we have yet another rumored piece of PlayStation news to share with you.

We know PlayStation is going all-in on the Twisted Metal series, creating a live-action series starring Anthony Mackie, Captain freagin’ America, as the main star of the show.

We also kind of know, thanks to the ever loose lips of the gaming industry and its inability to keep anything a secret these days, that a new game is being worked on to ‘collide’ with the show in 2023.

Rumors had it that Lucid Games, who also worked on the underwhelming Destruction AllStars had taken the reins of the Twisted Metal franchise for the next major iteration..until now.

Now rumor has it that Sony is taking the project away from Lucid Games and have given it to one of their European 1st-party teams. No reason was given but the poor reception of Destruction AllStars coud have been a major factor.

Which European team could it be? Guerrilla, Firesprite, London Studios, Housemarque, or Media Molecule all reside in the European part of the globe, however I don’t see the wildly creative minds of Media Molecule resurrecting the series.

Who do you think it taking over for this relaunch and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, Brah!

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