Hermen Hulst, Head of the PlayStation Studios, teased us last year that his teams have more than 25 PlayStation exclusives in development worldwide.

He revealed this wonderful news in May, not long before Sony started yearlong reveals of gaming studios they had acquired. It started with Housemarque, then came Bluepoint Games. Then came Nixxes, followed by the big surprise of Firesprite games, then after that Valkyrie Entertainment to help aid some of the biggest titles in development at PlayStation Studios.

Why am I mentioning all of this? Longtime PlayStation Insider ‘Tidux’ over on Twitter dropped an interesting tweet describing an upcoming title from PlayStation Stuidos:

While we will be filing this under ‘rumor’, could this be the new open-world title that Hermen talked about in 2021 by Bend Studio?

Or perhaps it could be one of the three titles that Firesprite has in development across the pond in the UK? Hell, it could be absolutely false, given to make Tidux look foolish.

Stay tuned to The PlayStation Brahs for more news and rumors when it comes to the expanding world of PlayStation gaming!

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