Look. I understand. You’re probably watching the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer for the 10th time wondering which Spider-Man knocked the crap out of the Lizard in that one scene.

Unfortunately, No Way Home doesn’t hit the big screen until December 17th, exclusively in theaters. Before then, PS4 & PS5 owners will be able to enjoy Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers as our favorite webslinger joins the roster for free!

The Marvel’s Avengers Twitter account has been on fire since Spidey’s official reveal showcasing some of the alternate outfits in the game, showing their takes on these outfits in action, and today, dropping an animated trailer that focuses on Spider-Man as an adventure.

With art by Ken Ashley, you get to learn a bit about Crystal Dynamics’ take on the classic character!

Voice-over artist Sean Chiplock is helping bringing our boy Spidey to life, as confirmed by the official Marvel’s Avengers account.

Spider-man, a new Klaw raid, and so much more content drops on November 30th, all for the price of FREE. Will you answering the call to assemble?

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