Spider-Man is doing his best right now to take over the world of entertainment.

In the world comic books, the Amazing Spider-Man series received a soft reboot, as a new team of writers, AND Ben Reilly, the inFamous Spider-clone, taking over the book while Peter heals.

Spider-man: No Way Home talk (and leaks) have dominated the movie landscape, as the next trailer featuring Spidey and crew arrives tomorrow, hopefully bringing with it Tobey and Andrew.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 reveal trailer is now at over 13 million views, making it the most popular trailer from the PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Come November 30th, after almost a year of being talked about, Spider-Man comes to Marvel’s Avengers on the PS4 & PS5! This ‘Hero Event’ will see Spidey join Earth’s mightiest heroes, bringing with him suitcase of webtastic outfits from over the years.

The Marvel’s Avengers Twitter account has begun showing these suits in action!

First we have their original outfit, Spidey-Boy.

Then we have the Mark I armor from Web of Spider-Man #100, the quintessential 90’s gimmick armor, which has a pretty rad cover if you ask this Brah.

After that is the Mark III outfit, the armor that Spider-Man created during the “Ends of the Earth” event.

Spider-Man and so much more comes to Marvel’s Avengers on November 30th, the next big content drop from Crystal Dynamics and all of their support teams.

Will you once again assemble to Marvel’s Avengers or will the plethora of multiplayer games that recently hit — Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Battlefield 2042 keep you from answering the call?

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