Crystal Dynamics revealed our first look at their take on Spider-Man for Marvel’s Avengers this week after teasing him the majority of 2021.

Today they took to their weekly developer livestream to showcase some of alternative outfits that they’ve included in the game!

First is their Iconic suit we’ve seen all week.

Next is the ‘classic’ suit.

The Mark I Spider-Man armor will also be represented!

The Mark III armor will also be in the game!

The most recent Secret Wars outfit!

The ever popular Spider-Man Noire outfit!

Next is the ‘Bugle Boy’ casual outfit for Spidey, designed by Crystal Dynamics.

There are many more suits to be revealed for the game. If you’re waiting for actual gameplay of Spider-Man, you’ll have to wait until the next War Table stream on November 29th, a day before he arrives in the game on November 30th.

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