The hype for FromSoftware’s Elden Ring continues to grow with each and every new batch of gameplay they decide to share with us.

Fans are dying to know how Elden Ring will run across all the various consoles it will be releasing on come February 2022. From your standard PS4 all the way to the Xbox Series X, FromSoftware has you covered, Brah!

Raytracing in a future patch? That’s a welcome addition! Wonder if the team found ways to further implement the DualSense’s haptic feedback like they talked about earlier this year?

If you watched that 20 minute presentation from last week and decided that you need to pre-order Elden Ring, we recommend doing so at Best Buy. They’re doing like they do with many major releases, offering a bitchin’ free SteelBook case if you go with them!

Speaking of that presentation, if you haven’t watched it, we’ve embedded it below. Now go forth, Tarnished, for your crusade begins on February 25th, 2022.

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