After the success of the original Destroy All Humans! Remake, it was only time before the PlayStation Twitter account would leak Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake THQ Nordic was going to announce the second game would be receiving one as well.

They made it official in September, the oddest part was that they only announced the game for current-gen consoles and wouldn’t be a cross-gen release. In an interview with The Escapist, Stefan Schmitz, Assistant Creative Director, talked about the team’s decision to forego last-gen versions.

That was a very hard choice to make for everyone. Either we would have had to ship the new game with potentially weaker visuals compared to the DAH!1 remake to accommodate the larger and denser maps of the second, or we would have to forego the old gen and gain back that optimization time and give that time back to the team to make a bigger, better world and combat experience. We decided to go with the latter choice as this allowed us to take a big step forward for Destroy All Humans 2 – Reprobed in terms of visual quality. For example, we were able to place about five times as many objects in the levels, making them more vivid, less empty, and more believable. As a result, both we and the players have a bigger experience to play with.

When asked about the advantages of current-gen consoles, Stefan couldn’t say much but he did reveal a little of what to expected out of the remake.

I can’t say much here, but the ability to render double the amount of actors on screen is a clear plus to me! More “active” characters on the screen at any given time gives you a more dynamic and crowded playing field, and Crypto is all about the potential mayhem he can get out of these crowds.

If you missed gameplay reveal trailer, we’ve embedded it below. Get ready to invade earth again in 2022, Brah!

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