Even if the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game stumbles out the gate and is a galactic turd, the marketing team has done a damn job with all the trailers for it!

Seriously, the launch trailer is full of action, one-liners, explosions, and gnarly space creatures while rocking out to Mötley Crüe’s ‘Kickstart my Heart’. If this trailer doesn’t get you hyped for the game, I’m not sure what will.

The game is full of licensed music, which must have cost a pretty penny to get. Don’t worry though! All of us who enjoy streaming to will have the option to replace it with generic music if you don’t want to be hit with DMCAs.

Also, if you have yet to pre-order a copy of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, then you might want to do so at Wal-Mart. Why? because you get a free SteelBook case!

Star-Lord and crew might save the galaxy on October 26th. Maybe.

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