For all the hate and slander that PlayStation receives for being ‘anti-consumer’, they sure did one helluva’ job with the Play at Home initative they started during the Pandemic in 2020.

Giving away a total of 13 games — a mix of PS4, PSVR, and Indie titles including such heavy hitters as Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition and Ratchet & Clank 2016 along with DLC for some of the biggest major online titles, Sony hoped to persuade gamers to stay at home to help battle back against the COVID-19 virus.

Now we have some clarification as to how successful it was! President of PlayStation, Jim Ryan claims that gamers downloaded over 60 million pieces of content as he talked about the matter in an interview:

As everybody was struggling with the first lockdown we thought it would be a nice thing to do, and were very happy with the reaction. Then we got through Christmas and started lockdown again and it was a bit miserable so we thought it would be a nice thing to reprise. So we did it again over a period of months and over 60 million games have been downloaded as part of that.

Unfortunately, the battle against COVID-19 has been a mixed bag. With lockdown(s) in place across some countries, could we see a return of the PAH program?

We’ll see how the world evolves. If lockdown, heaven forbid, but if that should continue into 2022 and beyond, who knows, we might feel like we have to do it again for our community.

The amazing part about it was that you didn’t have to be a PS Now or PS Plus member to receive this content. The games were absolutely free, yours ‘forever’ to keep. If Sony chooses to bring it back in 2022, you better believe we will let you know all about it, Brah!

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