The Marvel x PlayStation relationship doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon, Brah.

Three major Marvel’s Spider-Man games within seven years since the first game was revealed at E3 2016? Check.

The Marvel’s Wolverine Insomniac Games project being recently revealed during the PlayStation Showcase 2021, surprising the hell out of everyone? Check.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR, a PSVR exclusive that lets you become the MCU’s most popular character, only on the PlayStation VR? Check.

The Spider-Man PlayStation exclusive content that is reportedly still on course for Marvel’s Avengers in 2021? Check.

Now rumor has it that PlayStation fans will be getting an exclusive Marvel multiplayer game, Brah! Our pal Nick over at XboxEra is back once again with a ‘Marvelous’ rumor that one of the teams within the stable at PlayStation Studios is working on said title, but whom?!

If you remember correctly, Insomniac Games let it be known they were hiring for a multiplayer project this summer, but how on could that be possible when they’re already working on Wolverine and Spider-Man 2? How many teams do they have between their two locations in Cali and North Carolina?

Reminder, this is only a rumor. Nick has had a pretty good track record over the past couple of years, as he was the first person to leak the Ghost of Tsushima expansion.

What kind of Marvel multiplayer game you would like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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