That special day of the year is about to be upon us. No, I ain’t talking about Christmas, I’m talking about Outbreak Day 2021!

Outbreak Day or what it has become, The Last of Us Day, celebrates that faithful day in the world of TLoU that well, everything went to hell.

We celebrate it in the real world with new The Last of Us content such as highly expensive merchandise, statues, guitars, and occasional, new gaming content.

With The Last of Us Day 2021 commencing this weekend on the 26th, Naughty Dog took to the official PlayStation Blog to tease us what will be in store, promising us that there’s ‘all-new content’ to come this Sunday.

What could this content be? LET’S SPECULATE!

  • A preview of The Last of Us HBO series. Seeing as how the first episode wrapped production recently, this is doubtful.
  • Our first look at The Last of Us Part II: Factions. Maybe? They’re still hiring MANY positions for their first multiplayer game they’ve described described a ‘cinematic experience between players‘.
  • The heavily rumored The Last of Us Remake. We heard all about this earlier this year. Though in my opinion they’ll save this for when the HBO series launches. People did the show then run to drop $70 for a truly next-gen gaming experience.
  • The Last of Us Part II: Director’s Cut. A PS5 re-release with new content including the new Factions mode.

What we will most likely get:

  • More t-shirts, free themes, expensive jewelry, free avatars, and PS4 themes.

We don’t have much longer to wait, so let me ask. What do you hope to see on The Last of Us Day on September 26th?

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