David Jaffe, just like Shawn Layden, would be another member of the PlayStation Hall of Fame if such an actual thing existed.

For those unfamiliar with his lineup of gaming, he co-created the Twisted Metal and God of War series, worked on Twisted Metal 2, Twisted Metal: Black, God of War 2, and many other PlayStation titles over the years.

So when he takes to Twitter to share his enthusiasm for the upcoming PlayStation Event going down on Thursday, September 9th, you take notice!

He did take to his YouTube channel to clarify his tweet, which is around 6 and a half minute, so give it a watch to see what he meant.

Look, I know he wants us to keep our expectations in check but damnit! This is PlayStation’s biggest event of 2021. Microsoft and Nintendo have been droppin’ drops all year while Sony has given us some nice yet nothing special State of Plays. This is the time to get hyped, Brah!

Before you go there’s a short teaser trailer you can watch for this ‘diamond’ level event!

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