We’ve talked about this before. One of my biggest surprises of E3 2019 was none other than Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Why? As someone who has been playing the Lego games since the PS2 days, while they’ve been fun, the formula was about as fresh as that two week old gallon of milk you accidentally pushed to the back of your fridge.

Read our impressions to see why this Brah is so hyped for this game which from the way the game looked at the time, was on schedule for a 2020 release. Unfortunately COVID-19 happened and we’re still waiting on the game.

Now it appears that Geoff Keighley is about to use the Force to bring us at new trailer at his upcoming Gamescom Opening Night Live event next week!

This new trailer could perhaps mean a release date seeing as how the lucrative Holiday shopping season will be here before you know it.

Another reminder, if you pre-order at Best Buy you’ll receive this ‘cool’ Han Solo in Carbonite SteelBook case!

So cross your fingers and pray to the Force that the game hasn’t been pushed until 2022, Brah!

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