ALVO. The game brings instant action, freedom of movement, customization, and pretty much little wait time for when the enemy took that cheap shot when you were not expecting them to be on roofs or hiding. Dang you all who hide on the roof. It looks like ALVO just received a new booster of an update called The Booster Shot Update and with it is a lot of what the players, like you, have been wanting.


  • New Player Ranking system
  • New Weapon Ranking and Unlock System
  • Progression: Reduced Bot Kill XP
  • Progression: SND Plant/Defuse XP
  • Progression: SND Round Win XP
  • Progression: FFA 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place XP
  • Progression: TDM Win XP
  • With progression, you will need to level up to unlock guns, which will need to be leveled up to unlock different attachments and scopes.


    • Networking: Optimised Networking Code
    • Networking: Added Ping Indicator to Scoreboard
    • Networking: Grenade Networking Improved

    Not only has the networking improved, but the killing is more strict. Meaning, if you get killed, you will not be killed by the same person you just killed. Also, a ping indicator has been placed on the leaderboards to show who has the best and worst connections.


    • Controls: Increased Grenade Ready time by 0.3s
    • Controls: Two Handed Tracking for Move Controller
    • Controls: Move Controllers use secondary controller for movement direction
    • Controls: Improved Left Hand Settings
    • Controls: Slide to Prone Feature

    New control options are always a good thing and now you can use a secondary Move controller to move in the direction you want. Also, improved hands with better left-handed support.


    • UI: Updated End of Match UI
    • UI: Main Menu UI updated

    Multiple UI elements have been updated including the game, gun, and loadouts UI.


    • Weapons: Hornet Fire Animation Updated
    • Weapons: Choco Fire Animation Updated
    • Weapons: Falcon Animation Scale Adjustment
    • Weapons: Left Hand Animations for all Weapons
    • Weapons: Accessories for Pistols
    • Weapons: Customizable Reticles

    Let’s not forget the weapons. Now, pistols can use attachments, reticle color selections, and improved looks of the reticle in really bright maps.


    • Minimap Compass Added
    • Minimap player location updates
    • Minimap Stamina Indicator

    The mini-map is now fully functional, health indicator displays the full health, added stamina bar, cardinal point you are looking, and an arrow to indicate if they are a level below or above.


    • New Map: Factory
    r/PSVR - Alvo “Booster Shot” Update and Sale Announcement


    • New Map: Desert Dusk
    • New Map: Town Dusk
    • New Map: House Night

    Get ready for some of the new looks of your favorite maps.

    This really is a booster of an update and is available now on ALVO on PlayStation VR. This really is a booster of an update and is available now on ALVO on PlayStation VR, and Steam and will be coming to the Oculus Quest/Quest 2. And to help celebrate the update, there is a 25% discount until September 2, 2021.

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    In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy…