Tom Henderson has built a reputation off being one of the most trusted sources of legit Battlefield leaks around. He was dropping information related to Battlefield 2042 months before EA officially revealed the game.

He also reports on other titles. His GTA 6 information was backed-up by Jason Schreier and others. Activision ‘politely’ asked him to remove his leaks regarding Call of Duty: Vanguard.

So when we cover ‘Insiders’, I try my best to make sure they’re legit with their information. Seeing as how his latest nugget of ‘insiderness’ is related to a series that attracted me to PlayStation as a youth, I had to cover it.

TWISTED METAL!?! BRAH YES! Combine this with another PlayStation rumor from a trusted source that says WipEout is making a comeback on the PS5/PSVR2. That would we be the return for two of Sony’s oldest IPs that both released in 1995.

Of course, Tom’s tweet could be related to the upcoming Twisted Metal TV show announced earlier this year from PlayStation Productions.

A new game would definitely help drive interest for the show and vice-versa. So how about we put on our clown mask and pray to Calypso for a new game, Brah?!

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